So here's what I did this weekend:

I had to design a Halloween mask based on some sort of religion, mythology, culture, historical movement, etc for my "Creative ID Process" class. I ended up going for the black plague, basing my mask off of plague doctors, which I had never heard of before, who basically dressed up like birds and wore primitive gas masks during the European plague.

Anyway, here is the final rendering for it:

Here is the "callouts page", which explains some of my design choices. I also did a bunch of design work/sketches that are not shown here.

Thanks for looking!

What have I been up to?

I figured I should add to this, as I have been dormant for a little while. Here's some stuff that I have been working on for My VisComm (Visual Communication) 3 class at Art Center. We are focused on rendering matte surfaces in photoshop:

A sketch I did out of abstract shapes - turned into a spaceship.

I took the same ship and put it into perspective, made a couple adjustments, then added some wear and tear. Rendering manmade forms is new to me...

My creature for my "Imaginatomy" class.

In an effort to find a more permanent solution to my image-hosting problem, I am hosting these through flickr. Hopefully this will prove to be a more successful.

Thanks for stopping by.