Revisiting an Old Friend

People really seem to like this character I developed for my Legend redesign project from a while ago, so I decided to take him further...

I may tweak the final paintover a little more, but its far enough along to show.  Thanks again to Bryan for some major anatomical help, and some great suggestions.  The sculpt wouldn't have come out as well as it did without his help...

Turntable coming soon!

Thanks again for looking!

Yeti Round II

Playing with some new rendering techniques in zbrush:



Wendigo Round II

So a Wendigo is a spirit from Algonquian Native American mythology.  It possesses humans transforming them into disgusting flesh-hungry giants.  Those possessed have an insatiable cannibalistic appetite.

Thanks so much again to Bryan who gave me a bunch of tips (more planar!  exaggerate!) on how to improve this guy, and even did a quick sculpt-over when I was stuck.

More on the way!

Keeping that momentum going

Here's what I did with my superbowl weekend:

A Yeti and a Wendigo, respectively.  Both in progress -- I'll post the finishes when they're done.

... and some more finished stuff

See, I told you I'd have some new stuff up!  This is a character I have been developing for my second independent study with my good friend Bryan Wynia.  An "Atlantian Prince": basically an undiscovered race of fishlike people that lives deep in the ocean.

I tried to actually sculpt out the transparent brain cavity (and brain -- went through several iterations of that) instead of just painting it.  Here's the color turnaround without all of the flashy materials and paintover:

Since this process is still kind of new to me, I thought I'd share some development.  Here's an earlier sculpt of the still unposed character:

And some early pose/expression testing:

Some paintovers to figure out some more subtle aspects of my design:

Thanks for looking!  New(er) work on the way!

The Work in Progress Post

Been having a little bit of difficulty balancing my time between a full-time job and part time school, but it has been waaaay too long since I put anything up here.  No, I'm not dead.  While I have a bunch of stuff laying around on my hard drive, none of its really finished to my satisfaction (or good enough for my standards...) .

Since it has been so long -- and I have been doing newer stuff -- here are a few things from the relatively recent past that I feel comfortable enough to show.  Please consider everything in this post a major WIP:

A "world map" environment from my Odyssey project.  Damn, this thing is old--

Some character sketches for Odysseus--

Some "key scene" studies for a couple of illustrations--

One of the illustrations from said key scene studies: the Cyclops encounter!--

I've been trying to get better at these "pitch illustration" type things: characters interacting in environments and whatnot, but man do I have a long way to go.

Oh, and I guess I was in ImagineFX relatively recently, too!  I'll have to scan that and get it up.  Thanks for everyone who bought my issue and read my little spread.  Hopefully more of that type of thing to come in the future.

New work (for reals) up very soon.  Thanks for looking!