Some stuff I forgot to show and more WIPs

Hey all!

Forgot that I never showed this on this blog. Its an attempt at a reflective/shiny object. I envision it as some sort of bizarre craft that hovers over land -- piloted by a couple of cartoony aliens. May still add some more subtle detailing:

An attempt at a more character-driven illustration (trying to go a little more painterly with my application and storybook with my colors). For my Peter Pan story:


Some work in progress

These aren't done yet, but I figured I'd show them anyway.

A "Puss In Boots" design for my costume design class:
A "Peter Pan" redesign for color theory. I had to design two of these characters in a weekend, then do 2 paintings the following weekend. It was intense, but I learned a lot (like how hard drawing/painting tweens is):
Are you liking the new larger format? So glad I was able to finally figure out how to do that.


Costumed Figure Speedpaint

Did this yesterday in costume design class from a model. Kind of an experiment...

Portfolio Blog

I have a new blog up, specifically for my professional portfolio! I will continue to post on this blog, however, with works in progress and insight into my thought process, etc -- trying to keep things more personal.

The new blog's address is and it does have some work that is not up here. Expect to see a few updates on both in the weeks to come, as I have a couple of things in the oven that are not finished enough to show yet.

Thanks for looking!