2011 Intern Show Postmortem

Wow!  It sure has been a while since I put anything up here.  Bad Zach!  I'll try and be better about that in the future!

So another intern show at Art Center has come and gone, and once again the bar has definitely been raised.  The turnout was great this year, and the student work was spectacular!  I had a great time and got to meet a lot of very cool and interesting people.  Here are a couple of pieces I worked on for the show...

A new piece for my senior project -- the goddess Athena from my Greek/Steampunk/Fantasy version of "The Odyssey":
(She's sitting on her "steamthrone" :] -- I'm such a nerd!)

Here's a piece I reworked a little bit from my "Dead Space" redesign -- I think it makes for a more interesting narrative:

A 6-headed sea monster I'm designing for my "Odyssey" project:

Some more work on my cyclops zbrush maquette that I'm doing with Bryan Wynia.  Still a work in progress, but its certainly coming along:

Oh, and I got published!  Kevin Chen over at Concept Design Academy submitted my work -- as well as that of a few other students --to an article that 3D Artist Magazine was doing on the Zbrush character creation class that Bryan teaches:

I would definitely like to thank Kevin Chen, Bryan Wynia, Josh Herman and everyone else at CDA -- it was an honor to be selected and represent the school!

I have a lot more stuff in the works that I will be sure to post up here soon!  Thanks, as always, for taking a look.