Comic-Con 2010 Aftermath

I just got back from Comic-Con 2010, and all I can say is -- WOW!  I got to meet a ton of amazing people, got some great critiques on my work, and just had an overall great time!

Here is a WIP piece I am doing for Jerad Marantz's creature design class at Concept Design Academy:

Not only is Jerad a spectacular artist, but he is also a really incredible teacher: he possesses the rare skill of being able to effectively communicate his decision-making process when designing.  I am learning a ton, and I think my work is going to make leaps of improvement in the near future because of it.

The Zbrush portion was something I did for a class taught by the immensely talented Bryan Wynia, whose Zbrush class at CDA is also not to be missed.  Bryan is an amazing instructor who is able to keep things lively and fun through many of the more difficult technical hurdles of trying to learn Zbrush!

Unfortunately, much of my newest work is now for freelance clients and therefore NDA.  I'll try to keep this blog updated as much as possible, however.

Just so this post isn't a complete wall of text, here's a pretty old environment sketch I forgot to throw up here (man, I have a long way to go with environments...) :

Thanks for looking!