And one more...

A project I did for West Studio a few weeks ago.  Tyler West contacted me requesting a zbrush sculpt to use for his studio's portfolio.  The subject matter and art direction were pretty much up to me.

Here's what I came up with:

Lacking the size, fire-breathing, and predatory abilities that it will develop later in life, camouflage is a dragon's only defense early on in its life cycle.  Here we see an infantile dragon attempting to blend into it's surroundings by mimicking the leaves on nearby foliage, concealing it from larger predators.  Eventually -- in it's adolescence -- it will grow dramatically in size and take on a more "traditional" dragon-like appearance.

And here's some super-quick sketches during development:

Some experiments getting a more "product shot" looking render out of Modo early on in the development:

Thanks for looking!

Old Work

Digging through my harddrives, I found some stuff lying around from various freelance projects that I think are okay to show on here now. Unfortunately, I have hundreds of images of some of my best work that I can't show for many years, so in the meantime, little tidbits like this will have to do.

This was for a cancelled film project that I worked on several years ago that shall remain nameless:

And a mascot for an ad I worked on while over at Rhythm & Hues:

A graphic novel cover I did for commission last year (title and text not included).  The composition and designs were already decided by the client, I just had to bring up the level of finish and make it look more epic :

And a creature that I designed for a film pitch for Sony Pictures earlier in the year (it didn't go anywhere). This was a little over a one day turnaround time:

Thanks for looking!  More coming soon!

New Years Update

Well, it's been a little while, hasn't it?  I swear I'm not dead.

The last year has been good to me -- after working at Legendary for a little while, I was lucky enough to get invited into the Local 800 Art Director's guild as a senior illustrator.  Basically this opens up a lot of doors and lets me take jobs on all of the big film productions as a concept artist.  I am extremely flattered and humbled to be considered eligible to work among some of the most talented artists in the entire world.

I would like to extend a big thanks especially to Tim Flattery for recommending me and my production designer Tom Meyer for making this all happen.  It would not have been possible without them and my life has changed tremendously for the better because of it.

The year has definitely had its share of ups and downs. Transferring from my cushy studio job to the lifestyle of a full-time freelancer has been scary to say the least, but I think I'm definitely better for it...  I think I've worked the hardest this year since leaving school.  I've made a lot of new friends, burned a bridge or two, and generally had some of the worst and best days of my career this year.

The future looks to be both intensely scary and amazingly exciting.  I'm hopeful and confident that the best is yet to come.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

Legendary Pictures

It is with a little bit of a heavy heart that I leave my second family over at Sony Santa Monica, but I have recently started a new gig over at Legendary Pictures / Warner Brothers features.

The job may or may not be long term, but either way my future is looking exciting.  Thank you all very much for the support you have given me, it really does mean a lot.

New work on the way (when I have time to breathe).

Revisiting an Old Friend

People really seem to like this character I developed for my Legend redesign project from a while ago, so I decided to take him further...

I may tweak the final paintover a little more, but its far enough along to show.  Thanks again to Bryan for some major anatomical help, and some great suggestions.  The sculpt wouldn't have come out as well as it did without his help...

Turntable coming soon!

Thanks again for looking!

Yeti Round II

Playing with some new rendering techniques in zbrush:



Wendigo Round II

So a Wendigo is a spirit from Algonquian Native American mythology.  It possesses humans transforming them into disgusting flesh-hungry giants.  Those possessed have an insatiable cannibalistic appetite.

Thanks so much again to Bryan who gave me a bunch of tips (more planar!  exaggerate!) on how to improve this guy, and even did a quick sculpt-over when I was stuck.

More on the way!