Another quick caricature

So we had a very quick assignment recently where we had to caricature ourselves as a superhero (in a sort of cartoony/stylized fashion).  I decided that it might be funny to just do myself (in street clothes), given that I have the power to stay up for ridiculous amounts of time:

Its just a sketch at this point, but I kinda like it that way.  According to my friend Arron, its the best drawing/rendering I've ever done.  Not sure I agree with that, but I do like how it came out, given the time constraints.

(for those of you who are -- or were -- in arch 2: yes, that is white gouache on the paintbrush)

Pre GDC madness!!

A couple of rushed pieces I'm trying to get into my portfolio before GDC tomorrow:

Architectural Interior for the game "Brutal Legend"--

A satanic dragon-thing --

Also, I finally updated my portfolio blog to prepare for GDC.  Wish me luck!