End of Fall 2010

Term just finished -- here's a few things I've been working on recently.

More on my Dead Space redesign.  I've only got a couple of pieces up to the level of polish I'm happy with -- more to come after I get some sleep:

A couple of pieces from my "Originality in Design" class taught by Nick Pugh.  I was initially a little bit apprehensive about taking the class because of the "abstract" subject matter it deals with, but was actually pleasantly surprised and got a lot out of it.

I developed a design language out of an abstract scanning technique that turned out to be pretty successful. For the final, I had to build one of my designs in 3D, which was a little bit of a struggle due to my limitations with the software.  Had to learn how to use Sketchup and Modo in two weeks, so given the time limit and my limited 3D knowledge, I think it came out okay:

Modo is really fun (Sketchup is not)!  I expect to be using it more often in the future.

Thanks for looking, more coming!