Its my aeroplane

I know, I know -- I've been bad about updates! I have lots to show, but most of it is still unfinished! I promise to get to some of it soon!

Anyway, here are some sketches for my "wright brothers" style airplane.

I was going for more of a "wobbly line" approach this time. Hope it works...

Here's the rendering.  I wanted to make it colorful, because its supposed to be for a "hero".  I'm not completely happy with it, but I figure its time to move on:

Thanks for looking!

Princess Bride - Part I

Hey all -- its been a little while since I updated here. I've been busy retooling my portfolio and working on projects for school, hence the lack of updates. I have a lot of half-finished work that is going to have to wait until I get a little spare time.

Anyway, here's a project I have been working on for my character design class -- its a re-imagining of "The Princess Bride." I have 6 characters designed, but they are not all rendered yet, so look forward to seeing the rest of them soon.

My portfolio blog is back up with a bunch of new work. You can find the link to it at the top of this page.


Mechs!! (Part Deux)

So here's how the mech turned out.

I named it the "Z-2 Hammer Head", here's the final rendering (I still may go back and throw on some rim lighting):
And some color variations. I kind of like the "multi" sponsored one more than the "coke" one -- it has more of a NASCAR feel...

I really like how a lot of this page came out, so hopefully some of it will make it into my portfolio:

I did some orthographics and more sketch pages as well, but those are not really worth showing.

Thanks for looking!


So I'm taking this class called "Vehicles and Props" this term, where we got a very open-ended assignment of designing whatever sort of vehicle or prop that we wanted. I decided to do a "Gladiatorial Mech-Suit", which I defined as essentially a large robot manned by a single pilot whose sole purpose is to beat the crap out of other robots for sport on TV. I figure they will all have corporate sponsors like CocaCola, AT&T, etc. Also, I decided it was all hand-to-hand, no projectiles. Think wrestling, but with giant robots. Anyway, here are some of the sketches:

(The first one is a continuation of the one I did over the summer for Carlo Arellano)

I'm amazed at how much I have progressed at designing mechanical objects even since the summer. Its always an awesome feeling to see noticeable progress in your work.

In two weeks I have to finish up the design, as well as do a final rendering. Wish me luck!

A recent caricature

For a recent assignment, we had to caricature ourselves. I did quite a few, for homework, but feel like this was the most successful:

The assignment was lots of fun!

Flat "Gargoyles" re-design

So, this term I am fortunate enough to take a character design class at Art Center! Our first project was to redesign some of the characters from the 1990s animated show "Gargoyles". The instructor wanted us to make them a lot flatter and simpler, and to adapt to an established style. I also decided to give all of my gargoyles obvious animal resemblences.

Here's the final lineup:
Here are some of the sketches/design work:

* I turned Goliath into a lion--

* Lex is some sort of spidermonkey-type thing / Broadway is a pig--

* I also designed the female protagonist of the show, Elisa (didn't get to a turnaround) and the villain David Xanatos--
I had a lot of fun doing these -- they were very different from what I normally do. Hopefully you all enjoy them as well!

***EDIT: Threw in the color lineup and condensed the sketch pages***

Some work from over the summer

So, I took this class over at Concept Design Academy here in Pasadena taught by the very talented Carlo Arellano. The emphasis of the class was good functional design over pretty renderings, with an encouragement to do more linear-based work. This was a huge change in perspective for me. Although it was difficult at the time to essentially change everything about the way I work, I feel like I have grown by leaps and bounds because of it.

Here is a sample of some of the work I did over the summer (I keep meaning to rework some of this, but I may never get around to it):

I also messed around in zbrush quite a bit, but don't feel confident enough in what I did yet to show. Hopefully look forward to some of that in the future...

Thank you, once again, for taking a look!!

Summer '09 portfolio

Hey all -- its been a while since I posted anything up here. I have a lot of new work to sift through (a lot of it not worth showing), but before I show any of that, I figured I would put up my portfolio from the beginning of last summer as a sort of milestone of my progress, since most of it is likely to be swapped out for newer stuff in the near future.

I cringe when I look at some of this stuff now, but I guess that is just a testament to how quickly my abilities are developing.

Anyway, here it is...

Puss in Boots Design:

"Dark" Robin Hood Redesign:

Halloween Mask Design:

Peter Pan Redesign (southwestern setting):

Imaginary Creature Anatomy Study:

Misfit Muppets Design:

Reflective Vehicle:

"lolcats" Toyline Design:


Golem Costume Design:

Thanks so much for looking!