Flat "Gargoyles" re-design

So, this term I am fortunate enough to take a character design class at Art Center! Our first project was to redesign some of the characters from the 1990s animated show "Gargoyles". The instructor wanted us to make them a lot flatter and simpler, and to adapt to an established style. I also decided to give all of my gargoyles obvious animal resemblences.

Here's the final lineup:
Here are some of the sketches/design work:

* I turned Goliath into a lion--

* Lex is some sort of spidermonkey-type thing / Broadway is a pig--

* I also designed the female protagonist of the show, Elisa (didn't get to a turnaround) and the villain David Xanatos--
I had a lot of fun doing these -- they were very different from what I normally do. Hopefully you all enjoy them as well!

***EDIT: Threw in the color lineup and condensed the sketch pages***


Arron said...

You did a great job on these. I would love to see some color on them.

Mauricio said...

I really liked your work for this project. You should post the color page like you did on the other blog.