Fantasy Dog!

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS for my creature design class.  I am in the midst of working on the costume (a sort of camel rider motif), but its not done yet...

Attempting a bit more of an "illustrative" approach, which I am beginning to like!

Thanks for looking!

Some speedpaintings

So I am fortunate enough to be taking a class with the incredible James Paick.  I have been learning a lot, and have been getting over some of my trepidation about environments.  Here's some quickies from his class:

Of course blogger has to mess up the color a bit, but hopefully you get the point.

Cheers everyone!

Live action "Steamboy"

So here's some stuff from the end of last term that for some reason I haven't posted.  I have some design sketches as well, but I want to clean them up a bit first before showing...

More to come soon!