Some work from over the summer

So, I took this class over at Concept Design Academy here in Pasadena taught by the very talented Carlo Arellano. The emphasis of the class was good functional design over pretty renderings, with an encouragement to do more linear-based work. This was a huge change in perspective for me. Although it was difficult at the time to essentially change everything about the way I work, I feel like I have grown by leaps and bounds because of it.

Here is a sample of some of the work I did over the summer (I keep meaning to rework some of this, but I may never get around to it):

I also messed around in zbrush quite a bit, but don't feel confident enough in what I did yet to show. Hopefully look forward to some of that in the future...

Thank you, once again, for taking a look!!

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Anonymous said...

really rad stuff man you can see loads of improvement from the first post i saw on this blog: the summer portfolio.