Old Work

Digging through my harddrives, I found some stuff lying around from various freelance projects that I think are okay to show on here now. Unfortunately, I have hundreds of images of some of my best work that I can't show for many years, so in the meantime, little tidbits like this will have to do.

This was for a cancelled film project that I worked on several years ago that shall remain nameless:

And a mascot for an ad I worked on while over at Rhythm & Hues:

A graphic novel cover I did for commission last year (title and text not included).  The composition and designs were already decided by the client, I just had to bring up the level of finish and make it look more epic :

And a creature that I designed for a film pitch for Sony Pictures earlier in the year (it didn't go anywhere). This was a little over a one day turnaround time:

Thanks for looking!  More coming soon!


learn to fly said...

Graphics are mysterious and beautiful. But I feel that they are not as real as they seem to be. They are just impressive on the interface, not the reality! Try best!

Roland said...

Amazing work! Especially the bear! I know exactly what bear that is, and your illustration is exactly how I pictured him in my head.

Md Arif said...

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Cgzh said...

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