And one more...

A project I did for West Studio a few weeks ago.  Tyler West contacted me requesting a zbrush sculpt to use for his studio's portfolio.  The subject matter and art direction were pretty much up to me.

Here's what I came up with:

Lacking the size, fire-breathing, and predatory abilities that it will develop later in life, camouflage is a dragon's only defense early on in its life cycle.  Here we see an infantile dragon attempting to blend into it's surroundings by mimicking the leaves on nearby foliage, concealing it from larger predators.  Eventually -- in it's adolescence -- it will grow dramatically in size and take on a more "traditional" dragon-like appearance.

And here's some super-quick sketches during development:

Some experiments getting a more "product shot" looking render out of Modo early on in the development:

Thanks for looking!


jamie holmes said...

Nice job mate! And what a great assignment :)

jamie said...

WOW, is it real or fake? How lively the creature is? If I see it in the reality, I can be shocked to tears. Hihi!