... and some more finished stuff

See, I told you I'd have some new stuff up!  This is a character I have been developing for my second independent study with my good friend Bryan Wynia.  An "Atlantian Prince": basically an undiscovered race of fishlike people that lives deep in the ocean.

I tried to actually sculpt out the transparent brain cavity (and brain -- went through several iterations of that) instead of just painting it.  Here's the color turnaround without all of the flashy materials and paintover:

Since this process is still kind of new to me, I thought I'd share some development.  Here's an earlier sculpt of the still unposed character:

And some early pose/expression testing:

Some paintovers to figure out some more subtle aspects of my design:

Thanks for looking!  New(er) work on the way!


Marco Ferrigno said...

Brilliant way of going about it, its nice to see a mix of Z brush(?) and painting to produce the concept. The variations are nice too, really make me curious and want to see more.


Tom Zhao said...

Cool stuff man and I dig the new site. You've transcended from the physicality of pencils and paper into the realm of cyberspace.