Keeping that momentum going

Here's what I did with my superbowl weekend:

A Yeti and a Wendigo, respectively.  Both in progress -- I'll post the finishes when they're done.


Marco Ferrigno said...

wonder what you'l come up with during the olympics?..

love them, really like the guy with the warped jaw, i used to know the name of a prehistoric shark with a jaw like that, it was called helipricon or helicornius or something along those lines.

really like how the exagerations youve made with the facial features of the first figure dont stand out as awkward but make it actually look natural.


Brandon said...

Hey man, Thanks for your comment. It has been awhile. Congrats on everything that has happened. Good for you my friend. You have put in a lot to get where you are and you deserve it. I really love you work.
Keep in touch.