Some new costume design stuff!

Hey everyone -- thought I might share some new work with you!

Here is something I did for my costume design class. We had to take our inspiration from a piece of architecture then do a costume design for an existing character. I chose the Parthenon for my inspiration, and did the Hebrew Golem myth for my character. For those that don't know, its basically a much older version of the Frankenstein story, except this "creation" is made out of clay.

I did the designs last week:

Did the rendering on Thursday:

Thank you for looking!


Faerie Fink said...

I do believe the Golem go "RAAAAAARRRR or GRAAAAARRR"

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

Not to be an ass... but hebrew letters read right to left. you got the right letters but flip em. Cool design though.

badloi said...

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CL said...

don't flip the letters themselves, just their order. :)