Some stuff from the beginning of this term...

Here is some work from the beginning of the new term. So far, things are going great -- I am enjoying my classes even more than last term!

A greyscale rendering of a "blob character" for Viscomm 4. I did one of the "Misfit Muppets" from my sketchbook.
A closeup of the same character. It seems that blogger/flickr is still messing with my values a little bit. Some of the subtle contrast seems lost. Oh well.

An "experimental" piece for Viscomm 4. I used very non-traditional techniques to arrive at this:

A costume for my Costume Design class. We had to take a photo of an object from a magazine and design a set of 10 variations around it using the motifs established in the source material. Mine ended up as a wrestling costume. Weird, but I had fun with it:

A rather fun assignment for my Color Theory class, which is kind of hard to explain. Basically we had to change the narrative in the first 2 pieces by changing what type of color contrast we used, while still using the same illustration. The third one with the really wacky colors is really just an exercise, and has no narrative.

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