Some stuff from the end of last term...

It seems that I am way past due on an update here. Here is some stuff from last term.

One of my last assignments for VisComm 3 -- still trying to get better at those man-made objects:
A toy design project that my good friend Tom Zhao and I did together. We made a toyline of lolcats. Here is a small sliver of the thought process that went into the designs:

Here is a shot of the final toy lineup. Tom did the majority of the sculpting. He is a much more adept sculptor than myself:

I have a couple other things that I may or may not throw up here, but thats it for now.

Thanks (as always) for looking!


Anonymous said...

I love these lolcats. I totally want one now.

perry dixon maple said...

seriously dude, i want the whole set!